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Parduz pardpubb at infinito.it
Wed Oct 27 07:12:40 MST 2010

eh... i have nothing of what you're asking :|
About the module, I was just experimenting. There's a game in a
developement state that uses maneuver cards just like the Wings of War
boardgame serie: to move you have to:
1) align a card to the front side of your counter -also, a card- 
2) align the back side of your counter to a line drawn on the card.
The part 1 in vassal is tedious: other than sending the card from your
hand to the table, all allignement must be done by keycommands (rotate)
and with the mouse (align). I was trying to auto-rotate the card at the
current counter angle, by reading the _facing property.
But i'm not able to read it. So my first post is really what i need to
- how to write the _facing property in a report
- how to rotate a card to the same value of the report
- how facing is affected by pivoting

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