[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] not able to move markers

Thomas Russ tar at isi.edu
Thu Oct 28 16:56:45 MST 2010

On Oct 28, 2010, at 3:32 PM, JUNO44 wrote:

> Help, have been playing over Vassal for a period of time , presently
> have 7 Empire ot Sun games on the go. My problem occurred today from 1
> hour to the next, i can not move the units to a new position on the  
> map.
> I can use the menus to right clik them but not allowed to phisically
> place them. Have tried several diferent files including files that
> worked before. My next route will be re-installing mod itself. using
> 4.04 at present. thanks for any help here.

You didn't happen to somehow become an observer rather than a player?
This could have happened if you changed the password you use.

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