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Richz99 rlee50 at sc.rr.com
Thu Oct 28 16:58:45 MST 2010


I don't believe it's a bug, it's just a change in the way VASSAL creates
a new Game Piece Image from a Game Piece Layout.

In the distant past (I started The Next War in early 2006), when you
create a new Game Piece Image from a Game Piece Layout, the Game Piece
Image was blank until you filled in the specific labels and images (the
images were "null," which is why there's an error when you start one of
these modules "Bad Data in Module: Image not found null").  Now, the
Game Piece Image is pre-populated with the first two letters of the
label name, and there's a black square with an x "place holder" where an
image will be.

This isn't too big of a deal for those pieces that always have an image,
but there are times where only a few pieces will have an image and I
don't want to create a separate Game Piece Layout for just those pieces.
 An example is where the Game Piece Symbol attribute doesn't have the
symbol that I'm looking for (such as Motorized Infantry), so I build an
image file with the symbol I need and add it to the Game Piece.  For all
of the other Game Pieces where the symbol exists (armor, infantry, AT,
etc...) I need to add a "blank" image so I don't see the "place holder."

Anyway, I've had to use a "Blank" image in all of the modules I've
created so far, except The Next War.  Why this one grew to 10000 x
10000, I'm not quite sure.

Sorry for being long winded.  I hope this makes sense.

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