[messages] [General Discussion] Illegal And/Or Unintentional Moves between Logs?

yeti jerryyeti at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 10:55:26 MST 2010


I am brand new to Vassal and am trying to learn the ropes.  I've been
playing around with an existing modular and seeing how moves are
recorded and logged.  This is so I can play via email with friends.

After a game is set up, and a Turn 1A is played and the log file emailed
to Person B, Person B has to chose to Start the Log file before it
records any movements.  Person B could mess with the board
(intentionally or by accident), then start the log file, do some moves,
end the log file, and email it back.  Unless Person A is paying close
attention between the game state at the End of Turn 1A and Beginning of
Turn 1B, then there is no record the Person B changed the game state.  

Is this correct?   When I was messing around with the logs, I kept
changing things on the board on accident without clicking "Begin Log"
and realized that any changes done during this phase would go

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