[messages] [Module General Discussion] Re: Help in opening downloaded modules

offthegrid mike at densonsearch.com
Sat Oct 30 08:56:43 MST 2010

I'm sorry.  I thought I did.  Normally when I download a file, I place
it my desktop which I did with the game module.  When you open VASSAL, a
game module window opens and list the game modules that I have
downloaded and played.  What I attempted to do was to move a game module
that I had just downloaded to the desktop into the game module window in
order to save the downloaded module into this file folder with the other
game modules I have downloaded prior.  But this does not work.  You must
first open the recently downloaded game module that in this case was in
my desktop which I did.  Once I opened this module in Vassal and exiting
Vassal and reopening Vassal, then the game module that was previously on
the desktop is now listed in the Game module window with the other game

Hope this helps.  Regardless, your prior instruction worked just fine as
I now can play the game module in question.

Thanks again for your help.


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