[messages] [Module Design] Using Regular Expressions in Triggers / Evaluations

Rommel14 pfell.688 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 18:27:19 MST 2011


I have been looking at creative ways to test conditions for Triggers and
Properties.  Part of my project might work well using the Regular
Expressions mentioned on the Properties page of the Wiki (i.e. name =~

1) Is the RegEx functionality working in 3.1.14, or was this note in the
Wiki a precursor to what will / might appear in 3.2?
2) Does this implementation of RegEx follow the POSIX standard, similar
to the awk utility?  Based on the Java page, it seems to do so, but I
wasn't sure if I missed something.
3) Has anyone tried using this for Trigger / Conditional testing?  Did
it work OK, or are there any strange exceptions worth noting?

Thanks, everyone, and for you American gents, happy Independence Day

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