[messages] [Module Design] Cannot add Global Property to Map-level Item?

Rommel14 pfell.688 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 18:38:41 MST 2011

Hello again!

I've run into a conundrum, and I need some clarification.  In the Global
Properties Wiki page, it says that you can add a Property to a Zone (I
can do that), a Module, (I can do that), or a Map.  Whenever I select
the Map-level item in the editing tree, I get no option to add this in
the right-click menu.  I have also tried right-clicking on the items
above / below this in the hierarchy--still no option in the menu.

On what should I be clicking to add this?  Currently, I've had to
declare all of my Global Properties under the main "Global Properties"
category of the tree which makes them all Module-level items.  Having
some Map-specific ones could be more helpful in my situation.

On a related note, how strict is the scoping for GPs?  If, for instance,
I have a GP in one Zone of a Multi-Zone Grid, will a Piece in another
Zone of this MZ Grid look for GPs in other Zones of the MZ Grid, or will
it only look at the Zone in which it resides?  To make the GP in
question "visible" to the Piece, I would need (at least) a Map-level GP,

Thanks again for all you help, folks!

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