[messages] [Module Design] Using Regular Expressions in Triggers / Evaluations

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Fri Jul 1 18:51:41 MST 2011

>1) Is the RegEx functionality working in 3.1.14, or was this note in the
>Wiki a precursor to what will / might appear in 3.2?

Yes, it has been working in Vassal for some time.

>2) Does this implementation of RegEx follow the POSIX standard, similar
>to the awk utility?  Based on the Java page, it seems to do so, but I
>wasn't sure if I missed something.

It uses the java.util.regex package. Whatever it supplies, we support.

>3) Has anyone tried using this for Trigger / Conditional testing?  Did
>it work OK, or are there any strange exceptions worth noting?

I have used it to match simple expressions and had no problems at all. 


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