[messages] [Module Design] Re: Cannot add Global Property to Map-level Item?

DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Fri Jul 1 19:43:36 MST 2011

There should be a "Global Properties" option in the map window tree by
default. Are you missing yours?

> On a related note, how strict is the scoping for GPs? If, for
> instance, I have a GP in one Zone of a Multi-Zone Grid, will a Piece
> in another Zone of this MZ Grid look for GPs in other Zones of the MZ
> Grid, or will it only look at the Zone in which it resides?

I haven't worked a lot with zone or map specific GP's but I believe it
would only view the GP in it's current zone ...or global ones, of

>  To make the GP in question "visible" to the Piece, I would need (at
> least) a Map-level GP, right?

Not necessarily. You could use property filters pointing to a GP in
another zone.

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