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lancel lanceleu at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 1 21:58:50 MST 2011

It looks to me that when test.exe tries to process this line in test.cpp
for map.jpg:

const Image mimg(loader.load(in));

It will call JPEGLoader::recognized in jpegloader.cpp and for some
reason, the "in" pointer is not pointing to position 0.  If I add a line
like in.seekg(0) before the in.read statement, then the sig array will
be correctly filled with the same elements as JPEG_MAGIC.  However, even
I get past this point, I will run into another error in JPEGLoader::load
when it tries to process jpeg_read_header.  This call will cause jpeglib
to end it all with an error message as follows:

Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers

I then compared the code between this and the last version.  I noticed
that in this version, there is a new jpeg_istream_src call.  I think may
something is not being implemented in the right way in this new method
and that causes jpeglig's routine to mistake the same map.jpg file as
having two SOI markers.  Not sure if what I am seeing at this point is
correct and some artifact introduced when I added the in.seekg(0) line


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