[messages] [Module Design] Re: Problems with "Does Not Stack" property

DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Sat Jul 2 08:05:20 MST 2011

Set up a Game Piece Layers for the map window (right click and add).
Name the GPL something like MapLayer.

In the layer list, include (top item in the list is the bottom layer)


In the map overlay, give it the Marker trait

MapLayer = Map

On the counter, give it the Marker trait

MapLayer = Counter

This will keep the counter in a layer over the map piece. As far as
being able to select / move the map piece ...If you have a Does Not
Stack trait on the map piece and you have it set to never on both
options, you shouldn't be able to move or select it so I'm not sure
what's happening here.

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