[messages] [Developers] Adding dice rollers?

Speusippus kris_the_ta at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 2 18:08:14 MST 2011

For some reason, I'm not seeing how to add additional dice to a game. 

I'm looking at the Axis and Allies Vassal implementation, and it has a
button to roll a d6. When I try to edit the file, I see how to edit that
button, change the type of die, etc. But I don't see how to add
additional dice. What am I missing?

Ultimately I'd like to add a button for each of the following--d8, d10,
d12, and d20. This is because I'm thinking about implementing Conquest
of Nerath in Vassal--and it appears to me that this might not be too
hard to do simply as a slightly-more-than-reskinning of Axis and Allies.
(Adding the cards will be the hardest bit I think.)

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