[messages] [Module Design] Re: Cannot add Global Property to Map-level Item?

Rommel14 pfell.688 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 19:14:28 MST 2011


 :oops:  :roll: 

Uh, yeah, it's there.  Sorry for the false alarm.  I was so entranced by
the concept of attaching GP to Zones, I kept looking for this in a
right-click menu rather than as an existing branch in the Map tree.

As for the MG Zone scoping, that makes sense.  Just paranoid, I guess. 
Too many times, I've spent 1-2 hours coding, only to find that my
brilliant concept doesn't work because two pieces / variables can't see
/ interact with each other.

Regarding your comment about the property filters, can you give me a
hypothetical example?  Are you referring to the type of situation you
can create in a Deck GKC where the key command only affects a piece that
meets the condition defined by the trigger in the GKC?  Or are you
thinking of something else?  I don't mean to be dense, but again, I
don't want to assume that I'm on the right track.

You're da man, Dr!  Thanks for your helpful replies!

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