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HealingAura healingaura at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 22:05:51 MST 2011

I'm new to VASSAL and I tried playing Middle Earth Quest.
I noticed that it is hard to keep track of the number of cards in your
decks and that some cards from a different deck (skill cards) are not
fitting into a new deck when moved there (meaning, they lack commands to
move them to certain decks).

So I added an option to choose the hero that receives the skill card, so
those cards can be sent only to that hero's decks.
I also added the number of cards in the rest/life/damage pools for the


I know it's not hard to do, but it makes it so much easier while
Who is allowed to contribute to the modules of VASSAL?
If I want to create a newer version of a module, am I allowed to do

[1] http://www.imageupload.org/getfile.php?id=75816&a=548c9275c8a89a29e1ea67b235eaf4e5&t=4e1147b5&o=2502A751839F6F2253838A6A9AE9191F201BA2519CCB253D52ECD634D1F57C66381EBE5183&n=argalad.png&i=1

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