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Clay sirclay at wiseturtle.com
Wed Jul 6 13:35:35 MST 2011


I've tried to browse the documentation and the forums for an answer, but
nothing I try works...

I've made a simple module where players draw from a deck of tokens and
place them on a map. However, when I draw a token, it's invisible to the
other player, and when they draw a token, it is likewise invisible to
me. The token is not FACE DOWN, but literally INVISIBLE.

I only have a few traits in the entire game. There is a deck of cards
with a mask trait for each card, with a back defined. I've set the deck
to where new cards are drawn face up. I have also set the global option
that cards can be unmasked by anybody. Even if I remove the mask
entirely, cards still apear invisible to each player.

There is literally nothing else to the game except some game pieces
(pawns) which appear fine for everyone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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