[messages] [Module Design] Display LocationName of one map onto another map

iam2509 stephen.oliver at juno.com
Wed Jul 6 17:04:53 MST 2011

I have a Turn Record Chart on a seperate map. I move the Game Turn
marker on the Turn Record Chart and I have a Text Label write the
current time on the Game Turn marker. I have found that both
LocationName and/or CurrentZone works great for this - I simply manually
move the Game Turn marker on the chart/map and it writes the name of the
game turn on the Game Turn marker.

What I have been attempting for many many hours(!) is to write via Text
Label the current game turn on a Game Turn marker on the __main map
__(used so the player can tell the current turn without having to bring
up the Turn Record Chart or scroll around the map to find the current

It seems so simple! I have attempted countless variations but with no
luck whatsoever (naming the CurrentZones Global Property names for

But getting a piece on one map to display via Text Label (or by whatever
means) the CurrentZone or LocationName of a piece on __another__ map
seems impossible.

Is it impossible?

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