[messages] [Module Design] Accessing piece/card properties when in a Deck?

Bullman bullman at iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 6 23:40:34 MST 2011

I have now better diagnosed an issue I mentioned in another thread that
I am trying to resolve.

I have a mod that has Cards pieces refereed to as "cubes" and several
areas defined as Decks.
There is a deck called  "Available Cubes" and there are 10 "cube" Cards
defined for this Deck (no other Cards are defined elsewhere)
Then there are ten other decks defined called "1 Cube", "2 Cube" etc
through to "10 Cube".  The "cubes" from the "available Cubes" deck
should only ever get transferred to any one of these 10 other decks and
then back to the originating "available Cubes" Deck.

All decks have been defined to "Allow multiple cards to be drawn" and
"Allow specific cards to be drawn".

The "cube" Cards (or pieces) have a property "Return to Deck" pointing
to the "Available Cubes" deck so that they can be right clicked and sent
back to the "Available Cubes" deck.

However, when these "cubes" are placed in any of the other decks "1
Cube" through to "10 Cube", you are not able to access the right click
functionality of the "cube" piece.  Instead you are presented with the
right click options of the deck in which the "cube" resides
ie. "Draw multiple cards" and "Draw specific cards".  You have to
manually drag he "cube" to the "Available Cubes" deck instead.

Is there a way to instead invoke the right click functionality of the
"cube" piece when it's in one of the decks "1 Cube" through to "10 Cube"
so that the "Return to Deck" property associated to the piece
automatically sends it back to the "Available Cubes" deck?



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