[messages] [Module Design] Re: Display LocationName of one map onto another map

iam2509 stephen.oliver at juno.com
Sat Jul 9 12:07:20 MST 2011


DrNostromo, another one of your posts talking about CurrentZone solved
the problem. Quoting you:

"You could probably do it with a property filter.

Let's say you have the map set so that any piece moved on the map fires
a CTRL 1

You could then have a Trigger Action on the piece that reacts to a CTRL
1 with the property filter

CurrentMap = (map you're using) && CurrentZone = (the zone you want the
action to take place in)

I haven't tested it but I believe the action would only take place if
you're in the zone named."

I implemented using the principles you stated and it works perfectly.

If anyone is interested I'll post how it looks to accomplish such a feat
- believe me, I had resolved NOT to include it in the Vassal until I
read your post.

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