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Rommel14 pfell.688 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 20:38:54 MST 2011

Not to hijack this thread, but I have a related question that has been
perplexing me.

In several modules, the entire board is set up as a multi-zoned grid. 
Anything that is not found in a defined zone is considered "offboard"
and the location is listed as such when you hover over the piece
(assuming the messages over/under a piece will report a location).

* Can "offboard" (or != offboard) be used as a legitimate location when
testing conditional statements?
* If not, can pieces not contained in a defined zone be tested against
LocationName (or Zone) = null?
* In a general sense, can "null" be used as a legitimate testing item in
conditionals?  If so, in what circumstances?

I've found situations where testing against "offboard" or "null" would
be very handy, but I can't seem to get that type of comparison to
function properly.

My apologies if this really should be a separate thread.  ADMIN: please
feel free to take that action if deemed necessary.

Thanks, everyone!

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