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Chuck Parrott chuckparrott at earthlink.net
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That's correct I think since each module ask the first time you run it,
maybe someone with more technical knowledge can affirm. But having a blank
password isn't possible is it? Every module I start for the first time
requires a user name and at least 1 character in the password field. Perhaps
it's the blank password that is tripping it up. Try using at least a single
character in the password field on all your pc's.

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I'm sure I'm using the same username and password (well actually I'm leaving
the password blank on both machines).  But can I just check whether I'm
referring to the same username/password as you.

I see mine by starting up a particular module, File -> Preferences then the
Personal tab.  Is this correct?  In other words my name and password is
specific to a particular module and not Vassal as a whole?

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