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swampwallaby b.easton at exemail.com.au
Fri Jul 15 20:24:05 MST 2011

Ownership of hidden items can be based per-side or per player, it
depends on the module. Nearly all modules use per player which means
that it is keyed to your Password. Your User Name is irrelevent, it is
justthe rag used to display messages in the chat area.

So, to move between PC's to play VASL or AVl, you must ensure that you
set the Password EXACTLY on both machines. You must have made a typing
mistake in the password on the second machine.

User Names and Passwords are stored per-module.

Having a blank or very simple password is A Very Bad Idea. If you play a
module against a player with the same password, and that module defines
sides, or has hidden information, the you will both end up playing the
same side and having access to one sides hidden information.


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