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swampwallaby b.easton at exemail.com.au
Sun Jul 17 17:36:07 MST 2011


Could you gove some examples of what a Hierachical Key will look like. I
can see several problems with your proposal, including bdgza's concerns,
that might become clearer if I know what a hierachical key looks like.

Think about the case 2 different 'Actions' without keycodes that are to
be triggered at the same time by the same user event. What will the
hierachical keys look like? What binds them together? The
NamedKeyStrokes I did for 3.2 are essentiall an 'Activation Id' that
other 'Actions' (ie. traits) can look for and act on

I am also unsure about your scheme to index 'by property'. What you seem
to be saying is to index the property values of each possible property,
so there would be one index for each possible Vassal property. You would
need a database query optimizer to use that to help with a search for
something like 'CurrentMap ~= Veghel* and Strength < 5 and Will >= 12
and (hp == 2 or hp == 3)'

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