[messages] [Module Support] Twilight Struggle3.10a with 2 very serious bugs!!!

yalu yaluzangbu at 126.com
Mon Jul 18 04:57:55 MST 2011

the lastest module of Twilight Struggle is 3.10a, but I find 2 very
serious  bugs, and a Spanish friend also find the bugs. 

     The first is that when SALT event is played, player can't get all
discards pile to choose one card, he can only choose one card from a
little discards, according to the rule, it is wrong.The bug  appears
everytime when I play.

the second is that cards pile and dealing cards is seriously confusing, 
strange and wrong. When I play with a   Spanish friend, he get Central
American Score 3 times, and the "wargame" card appear 3 times. We even
get "bear trap" card in the same turn,namely there is 2 "bear trap" at
that time.We can't believe our eyes, we think the bug is the system of
dealing cards and discard cards

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