[messages] [Developers] How to become a Vassal developper

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Jul 20 05:42:00 MST 2011

Thus spake "mickael.camelot":
> Hello,
> I'm Mickaël, I'm French (so excuse my English). I used to develop in
> Java langage (this is my job).
> Vassal seems to be a realy interesting project ! And I will be happy to
> participate in the Vassal project !

We're happy to have more help. We're about to resume work on the 3.2
release. By the end of the week, I hope to have a list of what remains
to be done there.

I should warn you that we're also at the beginning of planning for
version 4, which we are expecting to be a rewrite in C++ and Python,
not in Java.

> I'm downloading the source code via SVN but i want to know how to become
> an official Vassal developper ?

Asking here is how. :)

In order to add you to the project on SF, I need to know your
SourceForge username.

> It is the first time for me to participate to an open source project so,
> Who validates the code ?

Since the 2.9.9 release, I've been the de facto trunk maintainer. This
This means that I look at all the code which will be merged to the
trunk before doing merges.

> Who defines the task of each Vassal developper ?

To date, we've decided this by consensus.

> There is a time constraint ?

Are you asking about our release schedule? Our approach has been to
decide what we want to appear in a release, and then do the the
release when those things are done. We've never had a time-based
release schedule.


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