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bolabola bo.leer.andersen3 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 06:03:45 MST 2011

I have been reading this thread with great interest. I can see you that
you have decided to develop Vassal 4.0 in C++.

All though I love Java, I fully understand why you want to make the move
to a C++ implementation, and I'm very happy to see that you are so
focused on making a cross-platform implementation. 

You have been looking at different libraries, such as wkWidget and
boost. I would suggest that you take a look at Qt. Qt has a large range
of advantages compared to most other GUI libraries. I'll list some of
them here:

1) Qt is a complete GUI and application framework library (cross
platform network, file handling, XML, threading, and so forth). Its very
feature rich, and hence there is no need for other libraries like boost.
2) The Qt GUI model is very similar to the Swing programming model, and
can be learned with minimal effort by Swing developers.
3) The Qt libraries are extremely well documented (by far the best
documentation I have seen). There lots of books available on the Qt
libraries, and tons of information can be found on the web. For example:
4) The Qt libraries are cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux). Qt apps
can also be compiled to Android devices.
5) The Qt rendering pipeline is based on OpenGL, and hence has very good
6) Qt has a huge developer community (250.000 plus developers) and is
being actively developed. And Qt is properly one of the most used
cross-platform C++ libraries out there today. See:
7) Qt is open source (GPL and LGPL). Backed by Nokia.
8 ) Forms and GUI's is easy to design with the Qt Creator (form
designer). GUI's can naturally also be created progmatically like in
Swing if preferred.
9) Very good IDE support (Qt creator witch is a complete C++ editor with
form designer), or Eclipse CDT integration.
10) There are lots a 3. party widgets available.

You can find the Qt homepage here: http://qt.nokia.com/products/

Instructional videos can be found here:

If you want a quick overview of Qt, here is a good introductional video:

I haven't been programming in C++ for the last 10 years (mainly Java),
but I would like to contribute to the Vassal 4.0 project, if possible
(Vassal is somehow very dear to my heart  :P, me being a passionate
board gamer ). I will need to brush up on my C++ though  :P 

Anyhow, I think it is worth giving Qt a look. I think it would be a
perfect fit for a new Vassal 4.0 C++ engine.

Read this topic online here:

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