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enric enric at blausoft.com
Thu Jul 21 08:16:59 MST 2011

I'm doing something wrong, but can find the documentation to
understanding what.
The only place where I found a minimal explanation is

I try to simulate a pbem before beginning a real one with someone else,

- start the module D-Day (for example) and select side (axis)
- Begin log file, save it
- place all units, logfile writes down each move, as "axis player …"
- end logfile
- close Vassal
then send the log file to opponent (myself in this case)

Now I'm the opponent, the Allied player
- open Vassal
- load saved game, choose the logfile
- step by step I see all initial set-up of the axis player
- Then a dialog "End logfile", ask me to begin a new logfile: YES; NO;
don't prompt again
here I have a doubt, so I tried both options
Each move I made is annotated as Axis (should be the allied now).

IF YES, I begin a new logfile
Each move is annotated as Axis either.

Any help please?.

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Log_file

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