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enric enric at blausoft.com
Thu Jul 21 09:56:19 MST 2011


When you refers to 
This is relevant to your questions
http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Faq_ge[1] ... 27_work.3F
 After reading it,
"Resigning disassociates your password from the side", 
so I think this is not the way to change sides in the log file.

the paragraph that begins with
<<When you create a new game, … is associated with that side in that
game and is saved (safely encrypted) in the save file…>>

Also I not understand well the difference between a "save file" and
"logfile", which should I send to my opponent?

MacOS 10.6.8
Vassal 3.1.15

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Faq_ge

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