[messages] [Module General Discussion] Twilight Struggle Bug - Cuban Missile Crisis + Lone Gunman

Canales ocanaalo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 04:29:48 MST 2011

According to the Q&A:

If the US plays Cuban Missile Crisis as an event, and later plays Lone
Gunman with DEFCON 2, the USSR loses as soon as they declare a coup in
that turn (unless they first remove influence from Cuba). It does not
matter who the phasing player is or what the DEFCON is.

Losing to CMC occurs before Global Thermonuclear War (defcon 1) so the
normal phasing player considerations do not apply.

I headlined CMC and used Lone Gunman with defcon 2. My opponent (USSR)
used the 1 op to coup a battleground country in my turn. The vassal
module granted the win to the USSR player. As noted above, it would be
the other way round.

Thanks for the great job, guys!

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