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faust marc_hanna at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 23 05:25:33 MST 2011


I want to develop a WW2 strategic game and was thinking of using the
Totaler Kreig Map, Counters and Cards as a basis and then modifying them
to be unique for the new game. However, the .gif images seem to be
imbedded in the module, so I can't get at them. Which is fine, I can do
a map, counters and cards from scratch, it just would be faster to work
on concepts by playing around with the existing module. 

I have experience with some basic programming but the graphics part of
designing a map and counters and then uploading them into the game does
not seem easy to figure out based on my review of documentation and
playing around with editing the TK module. so,

1) how can i get at the gif components of TK. or, if that is not
possible (or allowed or ethical)

2) how to design a map and counters?

any basic ideas would be helpful and I would be grateful. thanks faust

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