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thepete pete_1_2_3 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 23 17:59:27 MST 2011

I'm trying to implement a chit pull system, but I can't seem to figure
out the problem.  I have single piece chits that I want to return to a
deck.  They should return to the deck face down and shuffled.  When I
draw from the deck I get a random face up chit.

My chits have:
- Basic Piece - with front image
- mask with - with back image
- Return to deck - "Cup"

The deck is located on "Cup Tray" map window
 deck "Cup" has :
face down - yes
draw face up - yes
re-shuffle - always

When I right-click on a chit and select return to cup, they do go to
that location, but face up and they don't shuffle.  I also can't drag
any chits to the deck.  It's like the deck doesn't exist, yet return do
deck works.  What am I missing?  Complete noob here and learning as I
go.  I looked at other modules but can't figure this one out.

Thanks in advance.

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