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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Tue Jul 26 19:38:54 MST 2011

You're on the right track.

Each piece would have a Set Global Property trait to increment the value
of "Order" by the amount you want it to increase. The key command to do
this should be the same on all pieces. For this example, let's say CTRL

All the pieces should also have a Marker trait. Let's say OrderPiece =

Now set up an At-Start Stack somewhere and make it a button with the
Action Button trait. Have it fire a CTRL A

Also on this button, have a Trigger Action trait that triggers on a CTRL
A and fires off a CTRL B and CTRL C

Give it a Set Global Property trait to set "Order" to 0 (zero) so you
get a clean count. Have this trigger on a CTRL B

Then use a Global Key Command trait that triggers on a CTRL C and fires
a CTRL 1 at all pieces that match property filter

CurrentMap = (map the pieces are on) && OrderPiece = true

All of the pieces that have the OrderPiece = true marker will receive
the CTRL 1 that updates the "Order" count.

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