[messages] [Developers] Re: How to become a Vassal developper

zov66 dlazov at comcast.net
Sun Jul 31 06:09:43 MST 2011

Has anyone had success with Netbeans? I am not that familar with
NetBeans, but I am attempting to SVN down the VASSAL engine code now.

I know that the 'new' direction for VASSAL 4 is C++ (which is kind of
ironic, I used to be a C/C++ programmer and in 2004 I could not find any
jobs doing that, so just this year I switched to java, did some C# from
2006 to 2009 or so off and on). Java obviously is platform independent
so not sure why you would want to screw with that by going to C++ which
in general is platform dependent, at least to most of my past knowledge.

At any rate I do like Eclipse it is what we use at work and now that I
downloaded NB7 and Java7 NB7 is pretty neat as well.

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