[messages] [Developers] Re: How to become a Vassal developper

zov66 dlazov at comcast.net
Sun Jul 31 18:44:11 MST 2011

Okay VASSAL full (the whole trunk) and VASSAL 3.1 branch are all okay
it's the VASL (ASL) piece I am having issues with.

So no problems with VASSAL full (trunk) nor the VASSAL 3.1 branch. But
ASL is hosed.

Any ideas?

Now the errors are :

Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
AndFilter cannot be resolved to a type	JabberClient.java	/dlazov -
VASSAL 3.1 Branch/src/VASSAL/chat/jabber	line 576	Java Problem

100 errors...

There just has to be an easier way then all this mess, even at work
which is thousands of programs, web aps, junit it's not as crazy nor
unorganized as trying to get this to work.

There should be an easier way for someone to SVN down the code and for
it to compile without a fellow writing one line of code...

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