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Calsir calsir at gmx.it
Tue Mar 1 14:07:59 MST 2011

The issue with the current vassal server is that it is a single point of
failure for playing vassal online.  The backup solution, the
peer-to-peer direct connections, requires that all players but one have
a public (even if dynamic) ip address.  In my case, this makes it
impossible to connect, as most of them are behind NATs that they do not

Since we are not opportunist players, meaning that we set up rendez-vous
so as to play together online, downage of the central server does not
allow us to play at all.  This scenario happened on Monday night (at
around 2000Z) when the server was down, together with the fora and the
main site.

That is the single issue that I think would be solved by running your
own server, considering that you already need your connectivity to play
online.  The other solution would be to increase the resiliency of the
server; will the foreseen usage of Jabber address this issue?

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