[messages] [General Discussion] Re: setup own server

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Mar 1 14:30:06 MST 2011

Thus spake Calsir:
> Since we are not opportunist players, meaning that we set up rendez-vous
> so as to play together online, downage of the central server does not
> allow us to play at all.  This scenario happened on Monday night (at
> around 2000Z) when the server was down, together with the fora and the
> main site.
> That is the single issue that I think would be solved by running your
> own server, considering that you already need your connectivity to play
> online.  The other solution would be to increase the resiliency of the
> server; will the foreseen usage of Jabber address this issue?

No, Jabber won't make the power infrastructure nor the telco in Tucson
any more reliable than they are. Essentially every problem we've had
recently has been due to one of the two. When the network's been down,
the server itself has remained up, just unreachable.

It's been a while since we've had the server process itself die, but
that used to happen more often. Switching to Jabber should make that
more reliable.

I don't want to hinder you from setting up your own server, I just
don't have the time right now to help you with it. I'd like eventually
to find a way to shift over to peer-to-peer more so that things can
be more self-organizing, so that we don't have a single point of


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