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HarlekinSimplex harlekin.simplex at me.com
Wed Mar 2 11:21:31 MST 2011


actually I had a problem with the 'Retire' function within my VBFG 2.0
as well while testing the 'Invisibility' function.
And yes, just retireing to observer, changing the password and joining
again on a differt side solved the problem.

During the tests with two players online I found out that both players
start at Side 1.
Retireing Player 1 from Side 1 and joining Side 2 resulted in Player 2
joining Side 2 as well !!
So this looks like a general problem of the engine.

Maybe the engine uses the password only to distinguish between two
Playing with a blank password or indentical passwords may cause this

However pulling up the game, retiring to observer, changing the password
to a rather unique one and joining back to the choosen side resolved the
issue for me. Cloaking a Ship using the 'invisibilty' function does work
properly now. So should any other function depending item ownership.

Hope that helps.

Harlekin Simplex

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