[messages] [Module Support] Re: Merchant of Venus: Critical Bug--> HELP!

HarlekinSimplex harlekin.simplex at me.com
Wed Mar 2 14:54:18 MST 2011

Setting NO Password leads to ambigous and rather unexpected behavior
throughout the whole system, especially when NO password is set in a
multiplayer setup and one of those player uses the 'Retire' function.
What about being more descriptive about the Password entering dialog
Not everybody reads the manual in detail.
Having Username and Password within the same dialog, as it actually is
implemented, suggest just an 'Account' like usage of the password. But
the 'Password' is not only used as en authentication token only but as a
shared Item ownership token amoung accounts as well! Nobody would expect
that in the first place.

Easiest way to work around that would be to use Name + Password as the
passwordphrase to encrypt things.
But this would dissalow for shared ownerschip or logs.
Best would be to use Name + Password as authentication token and a 2nd
password for session or side specific data that _might_ be shared amoung
several players.

For now I'm fine to know how to work around that item owenership problem
caused by that password issue.


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