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BigAl737 akcannamores at ak.net
Fri Mar 4 17:17:10 MST 2011

"mycenae" wrote:
> I think you could achieve the same thing by adding a side called
> Referee, and then adding the referee to the list of sides that could
> make a piece invisible (in the Invisible trait of each piece). Then
> the ref would see whatever the player sees.

Unfortunately it's not that simple. The Referee would still see a semi
transparent image.

The image below contains 3 counters. Counter 1 is what invisibility
looks like to the owning player. Counter 2 is the same except a purple
highlight color has been selected. Counter 3 is unhidden. What I'd like
to do is make hidden units look like counter 3 (i.e. no transparency) to
the owning player.

Thanks for the idea. Does any one have any others?

Thanks very much.

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