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BigAl737 akcannamores at ak.net
Fri Mar 4 18:13:47 MST 2011

> It's possible that the same end could be achieved by different means
> than the invisibility trait.The transparency in a hidden piece is just
> there as a visual indicator that the piece is hidden to non-owners. Is
> there some in-game reason why you wouldn't want an owning player to
> know that his piece is hidden?

The printed game uses two maps...a player map and an umpire (or referee)
map. For the VASSAL module, I've combined the two maps into one. Since a
piece hidden to the player will never be made visible to the player
(i.e. it stays hidden for the entire game, I thought it would be more
aesthetic for the umpire to view the hidden piece as if it wasn't

Does that make sense?

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