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I made a MagicTG Vassal module for my own personal use, basically to
learn how to play Magic and how to make a Vassal module in one swipe.
It's more or less done now, with a few rough edges. 
Screenshot: http://i51.tinypic.com/2uh1zqw.jpg

It's entirely self-contained (download and play) and pretty low-tech. I
built it off the model of the Star Wars CCG module, though gave it its
completely own look. 

You pull the cards out of a menu and place them, rotate or flip them;
you can save & load decks; there are player hands, and slots for the
decks & graves where you can shuffle them or pick cards out, etc, and
you can play online of course. I didn't like how a lot of other Magic
systems out there hold your hand and move the cards for you or don't let
you put cards just anywhere, and just cluttered the UI with a million
options and a bunch of stats and graphs and abstract buttons. I wanted
to just move the cards myself, and all I see are the cards and a table,
like you're playing a game in real life, what Vassal is good for. Also
it's good if you want to try alternative rules to play completely
different games with the cards. I like playing solitaire versions with
them. I've also got self-contained html for the rules, full card & set
tables & info, "How to make a deck" articles, the Deck-o-pedia (primer
on famous decks), and Eric's alt rules collection... Sort of a
self-contained way to learn Magic from scratch for a beginner. 

Anyway, I didn't think it was kosher to distribute the module since the
cards are already contained within. For one thing, I optimized the .jpgs
so they took as little memory as possible, and I have an innate
suspicion against anything I have to download from a site no matter how
reliable it claims to be. And since it was just for me when I made it,
it was natural to just embed all the cards (Alpha to M11) in the module.
But then some friends suggested I should at least consider distributing
it, or at least find out the policy about it. 

So I was actually going to post if anyone knows more about the policy
with regards to Magic modules, and this thread was already on the front
page. I was always surprised there wasn't a module already and assumed
it was because it wasn't kosher. But does anyone know more officially?
Would it be better if I tweaked the module so the card .jpgs weren't
contained (so the cards would just be blank out of the box), but you
could just download the .jpgs and drop them into the .zip/images folder
inside? I just worry about that since the module is so sensitive to the
file names for the cards to appear, and it would be a ton of work that's
not even certain to be very practical... Bottom line, though, is this
something I can share, or is it destined to just be my personal project
just for me? That's fine with me since I love it for myself, but maybe
others would appreciate it too.

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