[messages] [Module Support] Re: Twilight Struggle 3.0.9a and PBEM

zschub mattb at classforge.com
Sat Mar 5 05:25:52 MST 2011

> You're more than welcome to help, but the code is deeply horrible. I
can show it to you, but it would probably cause seizures.

LOL... I have no problems with any quality of code. In particular,
software that works has its own beauty - independent of the elegance or
not of the underlying code. :-)

So it looks like you can send 250 KBytes via the vassal messaging which
might be enough.... or to my email address - which i'll try desperately
to encode to avoid spam:

   m a t t     aaaaat     c l a s s f o r g e   daaaawt          c o m 

> 1) Add a button that will store a dialog prompt command that an
opponent can click when he receives saved game.

This sounds like a fun one. I'd be happy to look at it...

> 2) Enforce rules regarding Influence placement -- huge pain in the

In my very humble opinion, the humans playing the game can do a lot of
that themselves. I have a friend who baulks at vassal modules where the
designer tries hard to enforce rules. He's a cyberboard boy for that
reason. I think his view has merit - though I personally get a thrill
when automation works well and invisibly.

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