[messages] [Module Design] The Evil side of text labels

jungleboie jungleboie at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 21:18:57 MST 2011

i am editing a mod, and i am tring to make a editable Data card for
counters. would look great if the text didn't show at all times (I.E.
when the data card isn't active). 

this is what i have:
i have a counter that i want to flip to show a data card. as i am using
property's to fill out the numbers, i am using text labels to show the
prpertys.  looks good except when i flip back to the counter (which is
smaller than the Data sheet.) the text is all over the counter and
surrounding area.

anyone have a solution? am tring to stay away from making a card for
every counter as that would not allow editing. so am looking to see if
there is a layer puzzle that might fix it. for instance, make the data
card the base counter and the counter the flipside. but i think that
won't change the visibility of the text. but the data card looks nice
and is editable..

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