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Please post here if you need help with any of the following modules. 
They may be downloaded ___HERE___[1]

__Afrika II (SCS)
Barbarossa - Kiev to Rostov
Bitter End
Breakout Normandy
Death in the Trenches
EuroFront II (Includes EastFront II & WestFront II)
Europe Engulfed
Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe + Tyrant
Gustav Adolf the Great
Iron Tide
La Bataille des Quatre Bras
Napoleon's Triumph
Struggle For Europe (War Without Mercy, Brute Force, The Mediterranean)
Sweden Fights On
Tannenberg & Galicia (SPW)
The Great War in Europe Deluxe
The Legend Begins
Three Battles of Manassas (CWB)
The Seven Days of 1809
Under the Lily Banners
Western Desert (Europa VI)
Fire in the East (Europa I) new!

Aspern-Essling (NBS)
Marengo (NBS)
Talavera & Vimeiro (NBS)

Case Blue (OCS)
Case Blue & GBII Combined (OCS) 
Tunisia (OCS)

A Fearful Slaughter (RSS)
South Mountain (RSS)
This Hallowed Ground (RSS)
This Terrible Sound (RSS)


[1] http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=aee67083e6162f8291b20cc0d07ba4d259d8e8a1358fbc04

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