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Please post here if you need help with any of the following modules. 
They may be downloaded ___HERE___[1]

__Afrika II (SCS)
Barbarossa - Kiev to Rostov
Bitter End
Breakout Normandy
Death in the Trenches
EuroFront II (Includes EastFront II & WestFront II)
Europe Engulfed
Fire in the East (Europa I) new!
Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe + Tyrant
Gustav Adolf the Great
Iron Tide
La Bataille des Quatre Bras
Napoleon's Triumph
Struggle For Europe (War Without Mercy, Brute Force, The Mediterranean)
Sweden Fights On
Tannenberg & Galicia (SPW)
The Great War in Europe Deluxe
The Legend Begins
Three Battles of Manassas (CWB)
The Seven Days of 1809
Under the Lily Banners
Western Desert (Europa VI)

Aspern-Essling (NBS)
Marengo (NBS)
Talavera & Vimeiro (NBS)

Case Blue (OCS)
Case Blue & GBII Combined (OCS) 
Tunisia (OCS)

A Fearful Slaughter (RSS)
South Mountain (RSS)
This Hallowed Ground (RSS)
This Terrible Sound (RSS)


[1] http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=aee67083e6162f8291b20cc0d07ba4d259d8e8a1358fbc04

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