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Use a trigger that will set a dynamic property based on the front color (i.e 1 = red, 2 = blue, 3 = green, 4 = yellow) Have the background color layer trait set to follow a property value. It should follow your Dynamic Property.
To set, whenever you mask/flip your piece to whatever front color have the trigger fire to set the DP value. 
Tada - your background color will now match all the time
No need for multiple counters. As you say, its redundant.
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Forum Deities,

I have a counter that has 4 different colors - the rest of the graphics
are the same just the background color is changeable. I did this by
adding a layer and associating 4 PNG's you can cycle through with

What I need to do is have the back of the counter match the front color
when yo flip it. I have 4 different PNG's that match the front but the
Mast Trait only takes one graphic and I can;t see a way to associate it
with the front even if it did.

I could I guess make 4 different counters but then you can't toggle them
and the counter tray gets redundant (somewhat). You only need to toggle
the color at setup - if that helps.

Pretty much a noob at this but I am catching on fast.

Any help appreciated.


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