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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Tue Mar 8 10:49:30 MST 2011

1. Rename your existing mod to <mod name>_old.vmod. (this will create a

2. Unzip the mod you just renamed using the unzip utility of your
choice. On a Mac, you'll probably get a folder called "<mod name>_old".

3. Open that folder. You should see a file named BuildFile, a folder
named Images, and some other bits and pieces. 

4. In the Images folder, delete all the obsolete images.

5. Move up one level to the folder that contains BuildFile, the Images
folder, etc. (the module 'root' level)

6. Select all these folders and files and pick Archive Files.

7. On a Mac, you will now have a file called Archive.zip. Rename this
zip file to the name of your module: <module name>.vmod.

8. Drag this up one level, to the same folder where your backup is.

9. Now, on the Module Manager menu, Vassal will think your new zip file
is the old module. Open the re-zipped module in Vassal and test it, to
make sure you didn't delete any images or other files by mistake. If you
get an error, use your backup to recover whatever files you deleted and
repeat the process.

A mistake everyone seems to make is re-zipping the wrong 'level' of
files. You want to re-zip at the module root level (this is the level
where you see BuildFile, the Images folder, etc), and not zip the folder
that -contains- all this. 

If you re-zipped the wrong level, when you go to open the file in Vassal
, it will typically say 'Invalid Vassal module.'

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