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BigAl737 akcannamores at ak.net
Tue Mar 8 13:46:58 MST 2011

This is very helpful Tim, thank you.

I've been searching previous posts for a tutorial on how to import a
java class. I found one thread but this is such foreign territory for me
that I'm still lost...albeit not as lost as when I first posed the
question. Thanks again Tim.

What is the name of the class that the AlphaComposite.SRC_OVER resides

I assume I use a text editor to change the 0.3F to 1.0F and then save it
with the class name.

Then do I place that file in the module zip archive?

Where does the program look for imported classes?

Many components of a module allow you to import a class. Does it matter
where in the module you import the class? Since I'm applying this trait
to specific game pieces I'm guessing that I should import the class to a
prototype that is applied to all affected pieces. 

Maybe Joel, Mike, Brent, or Pieter could chime in and make sure I'm on
the right track?

I apologize for all the questions. I'm trying to learn. VASSAL is
fantastic platform!

Thank you again in advance. I really appreciate your help.


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