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bobd bob__davison at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 9 11:50:57 MST 2011


I have contacted Joel via SourceForge to become a developer (as bobd91)
but I thought that I would raise it here as well as I have some

I have been doing Java since 1996, though not so much in the last few
years, but I haven't been involved in Open Source before or the sort of
distributed development that involves.

What branch should I fix bugs against and is there a naming convention
for branches that I should follow?
Is this forum the main place for developer discussion?
Is there a difference between the bug list on SourceForge and the Vassal
After I have addressed the bugs that affect me, is it best to work on
3.1 bugs or is there anything I can do to help get 3.2 ready? 


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