[messages] [Module Design] Help! Create Simple 52-card Deck

Doggo mike at eleven-bravo.co.uk
Thu Mar 10 03:49:15 MST 2011

I have checked through the forums about creating a card deck and found
nothing of help.

I found the tutorial about card games to be very confusing at best. The
cards are drawn to determine combat results in a game I am planning.

All I want to be able to do is the following;

1. Create a card deck of 52 standard playing cards - I have png images
for the cards and the back of the cards
2. Be able to draw upto 4-cards at a time.
3. Return those cards to the deck
4. Reshuffle the deck

I'm sure it is not rocket-science but I am struggling.

I know how to make unit counters and I know about traits so I can create
52-cards (although I would rathe not have to create them all
individually). It's manipulating those cards which is proving to be the

Any help would be appreciated.


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