[messages] [Module Design] Re: Invisibility/layers/masking and ownership

Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Mon Mar 14 04:10:32 MST 2011

I honestly can't think of a way to change owners. Even a Replace trait will preserve the owner no matter what you do.

- M.

On 2011-03-13, at 11:30 AM, AdamSzieberth <sziebadam at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am not surprised you havent got answer to this question. As I see
> changeing ownership in vassal is a torture. Even to trade a card you can
> use a temporary always-face-down deck, not to mention what you wanted. A
> simple hotkey function to Restricted Acces Trait could solve this, but
> current version don't have this feature.
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